The life of a brave response officer was threatened by knife-wielding suspects, who, together with an accomplice, were spotted loitering outside a business premises in Phoenix during the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) members were on patrol in the area when the incident unfolded. “At approximately 12:17am, Reaction Officers Mxolisi Mpisi and Andresh Willemse were on patrol in the area when they noticed two suspects loitering outside a business premises.
“The officers stopped to investigate when the suspects fled into a bush next to the business premises,” said RUSA boss, Prem Balram.
“Both officers pursued the suspects on foot and cornered them in the bush. One suspect drew an Okapi pocket knife and attempted to stab Officer Mpisi, who shot the suspect once in the leg with his company-issued pistol.

A panga, as well as house break-in implements were recovered in their possession. The injured suspect was treated by paramedics for a gunshot-inflicted injury before being transported to hospital. Both reaction officers were not injured during the course of the arrest,” added Balram.

He said, “RUSA officers come under attack daily and have their lives threatened frequently. However, it is par for the course in the fight against crime. RUSA members understand the risks involved in striving to keep the community safe and take every precaution to protect the community first and then themselves. Both officers are commended for their vigilance and swift action.”