A Wentworth father is calling for answers after his 20-year-old son who was detained by police on charges of attempted murder and possession of unlicensed firearm was shot whilst allegedly in the holding cell at Wentworth SAPS on Friday morning.

Speaking to the Southern Star, the father of the shot suspect, said he wants the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) to immediately investigate his son’s shooting which he believes was a planned hit and was executed due to an alliance between certain corrupt police officers and local gang members. Both the injured suspect and father cannot be named as the suspect had not appeared in court at the time.

The firearm and magazine seized by police which is alleged to have been in the possession of the shot suspect when he was arrested

“My son sustained a gunshot wound to his toe after he ducked and the bullet ricocheted striking him on the foot. He was in his holding cell at the time when he heard someone call his name. He peeped out the window and saw the firearm at which point he took cover. A shot was fired and he was struck in his toe. Shockingly, we were not informed and only found out when we went to the station as he was due to appear in court on Friday for the charges against him from Thursday,” said the irate dad.

It is believed that the injured suspect was taken to police and treated under police guard. He was in a stable condition.
Wentworth SAPS communications officer, Cpt MP Gumede reported on Thursday that four suspects aged between 16 and 20-years-old were detained by police on charges of attempted murder and possession of unlicensed firearm following rival gang fights in Wentworth on Thursday morning.

Cpt MP Gumede said, “Rival gang fights broke out in Hime Street at about 08:05 on Thursday morning. One suspect aged 19, was arrested by a member of Crime Prevention who happened to be near the scene at the time of the incident. The police member noticed a man running between the flats, carrying a firearm and chasing another individual. The member who was off-duty managed to disarm the suspect and instructed him to drop the firearm which the suspect complied with. A silver 9mm ‘Star’ Erbar Spain pistol was seized and the suspect was arrested by the member. The firearm with a magazine is entered as per Sap 13/1465/2017. Saps 14/38/11/2017. Three other suspects were also arrested after the area was raided by the Vispol members and detectives. They were detained for pointing of firearm and attempted murder on different cases that were previously opened by complainants. Suspects have been detained pending investigation.”
Regarding Friday’s shooting in the holding cell, the Southern Star attempted to retrieve comment from Cpt Gumede but to no avail.

The injured suspect’s dad said, “Due to ongoing violence in the area, my son got a gun to protect his life. Something needs to be done about escalating violence in the area. Lives are at stake here. The police need to step up. I want answers as to how my son was attacked like that whilst under the supervision of police in the police station. Where is the projectile that was shot at my son? He could have been killed under police supervision and no one would be accountable for the loss of his life as the police are in cahoots with criminals. This needs to be investigated urgently.”