Class with the most boxes; with educator, Mrs Wilson and Deputy Principal Debbie Maritz

Chelsea Preparatory School in Durban North have once again showed their generosity and kindness to those less fortunate than themselves when they donated over 400 beautifully decorated Christmas shoe boxes to I Care recently.

200 more boxes were collected at Chelsea Senior Primary. I Care is a nonprofit organisation with a vision to achieve a better South Africa where children do not live on the streets, but instead come through organisations like I Care, where they are given hope and a future.

Marketing manager Gail Elson said that she was humbled and blessed by the kindness and they know that many street children were going to feel blessed too. “You will certainly be putting a smile on their faces,” she said.

I Care has been doing the shoebox project for the last 15 years and have been getting much support from the public. The project sees people donating a prescribed list of items in these boxes for children who live on the streets.

Each box is given to a street child, between the ages of 8 and 18 years old, and is filled with stationery, playing cards, toiletries, chips and sweets. These boxes are then handed out to the children at a fun Christmas party which is held for them by I Care.
“We achieve this by using our holistic cycle and ultimately rehabilitating and educating these children, reunifying them with their families, as well as giving them a basic skill. Our successes are testament to the valuable role that we play,” said Elson.

She added that they ask the public not to give the children money when begging at the traffic lights, as this only feeds their addictions and enables and prolongs their days on the streets, but to rather give donations to organisations like I Care.

“Street children do dream of a better, safer future so please help them to realise their dreams,” she added. For more info call 031 572 6870.