By Krishnee Naidoo

A Phoenix couple woke up in stark terror during the early hours of Sunday morning to find that a vehicle had crashed into their home and narrowly missed them and their three-year-old daughter by mere inches.

Fortunately, the family of three sustained no injuries but was struck with fear and panic when they realised how narrowly they cheated death in the Whestone crash.

The car crashed into the house whilst the family was asleep
The aftermath of the crash that has destroyed the family’s meager possessions

Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, an occupant of the main building, who wished to remain anonymous said, “It was shocking to witness such a scene. More so, because the vehicle stopped inches from the sleeping family. The dad awoke to find the vehicle indicator flashing in his face. The family was severely traumatised. They dwell in the single room which is below road level. At about 2:45am when the car crashed through the building, one can only imagine their shock and horror. All of their possessions have been destroyed in the crash.

It is only the bed that is still standing. Their appliances were damaged with the pots being crumpled. Their clothing is strewn among the rubble. This family has been left is such despair. It is only the compassion of the neighbours and community that has uplifted their spirits with people rallying around them during their time of need by providing the essentials for them,” the concerned resident said.

The desolate family is currently being housed by their generous landlords. It is alleged that the driver responsible for the incident was detained by police. Phoenix Tabloid contacted police but received no comment at the time of going to press.

The resident added, “A similar incident occurred about 12 years ago, when the driver of a vehicle lost control and crashed into our neighbour’s yard almost in the same way. Motorists need to be cautious at the stop street and adhere to the speed limits. We need something to be done to prevent any further accidents of such a nature where a life or two could be lost. Urgent intervention by the powers that be will be much appreciated.”

“We are thankful that the family is well and we trust that they will in time get over this incident and rebuild their lives with the help of the community and our neighbours.”