The suspect was arrested on Essenwood Road

A suspect was arrested after several shots were fired and a high-speed chase after an attempted hijacking on St Thomas Rd in Berea earlier today.

SAPS, Metro Police, members of the Berea Community Police Forum and security companies converged at a park in Stephen Dlamini (Essenwood) Rd, when the call of a hijacking in progress came through on radio.
The suspect was one of an unknown number who attempted to hijack a Toyota Fortuner on St Thomas Road. The suspects allegedly fired shots at the owner of the vehicle who was leaving his house at the time of the incident.
They suspects sped off in the stolen vehicle along Vause Road, before fleeing on foot at the corner of Vause and Windmill roads. Security personnel and CPF members chased after the suspect, to make the swift arrest. The suspect was handed over to the police, who were also in pursuit of the hijackers.
Berea SAPS Captain P Naidoo commented on the speed at which authorities responded. “The police were called and the suspect was detained at Berea SAPS for theft of a motor vehicle. No injuries were reported and the vehicle was recovered. Well done to our partners,” said Naidoo.