A pensioner and her son where robbed at gunpoint at their Crossmoor home last week.

The 67-year old mother spoke to the Chatsworth Tabloid on condition of anonymity, said they now live in fear. According to the pensioner, the suspects had climbed up to her home on the second floor and went in through the lounge window. One of the suspects then opened the lounge door to allow other suspects in.

“I woke up to go to the bathroom, and I saw my lounge door open and wondered what was going on, when I screamed out my son woke up and one of the guys said, ‘shoot them’ and that’’s when I started screaming for help,” said the pensioner.

The pensioner explained that the suspects then fled the home after she screamed, making off with a television. Her son contacted SAPS who responded thereafter.

A case of house robbery is currently being investigated by the Chatsworth SAPS. Ramona Valaythan, Secretary of Ward 71 Civics Group said residents of the flats in 1102, known as Raffia Villa have been forgotten. “We have been forgotten, every other day there are break-ins and incidents that occur. We don’t know what sleep is anymore because we have to vigilant about our surroundings,” said Valayathan. According to residents, this isn’t the first break-in that has occurred, Raffia Villa has become a risk area which house break-ins are common.

“Mainly pensioners live here, and most of the break–ins occurred at homes where there is a pensioner and one child,” said Valayathan. Cllr Sharon Hoosen advised that the community should have the SAPS