Angry protesters outside Verulam court house beat the brother of murder accused, Carl Pretorius, for his name calling and vulgarity

Shoes and placards flew, when a group of furious protesters pursued and beat the brother of murder accused, Carl Pretorius, in the Donovan Naicker murder case, after he allegedly provoked and taunted them with vulgar hand signs and obscene language outside the Verulam Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Community activist of 20 years and a strong supporter in the ‘Justice for Donovan Naicker Group’ Rashina Singh, said the attack was well deserved and not regretted in any way.

Donovan Naicker (37), was beaten to death in Stonebridge on Saturday, 10 March 2018, after he is alleged to have intervened in a fight to assist a person known to him (Phoenix Tabloid, 13 March 2018). Naicker was brutally assaulted with bricks and stones as he was hit repeatedly on his head. Three suspects were since arrested; Floyd Reddy (28), 24 year old Karl Pretorius and Jensen Reddy. They appeared in court and were granted bail of R3 000. Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, Singh claimed that Pretorius’s brother antagonised the crowd of peaceful protesters and allegedly incited the violent attack that followed.

“That man waved his middle finger at the group of women of various ages, some elderly. He swore obscene languages and called the ladies ‘b*#*#es’. He taunted and provoked protesters with vulgar hand signs, even going so far as to kick a placard, spurring the women to chase and attack him. They took off their shoes and hit him. They clobbered him with their placards for his disgusting behaviour. We were there calling for justice for Donovan.

Clearly, this hostile young man does not understand the issues at hand,” Singh said. Natasha Naidoo, aggrieved sister of Donovan, told the Phoenix Tabloid that she and her family members did not witness the assault as they were in the court house but heard about the ruckus. “It seems that the accused as well appeared to be in quite a care-free mood. They were smirking and unremorseful. It seems that they do not realise that they took a life through their brutal actions. We are still fighting for their bail to be revoked. Carl Pretorius’s brother got what he deserved. He had no respect for those ladies and pushed them to their limits,” Naidoo added.

Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) representative for the Social sector, Jane Lazarus, who was also present at the protest, said the man who was hit by the group of ladies, was unruly and downright rude. “We were calling for justice. He called us names. That’s not acceptable. He took it further by waving his middle finger at us and calling us bad names. “Obviously the women got offended and lashed out at him. That will teach him to behave in that manner again,” she said. Sandra Rayka, of Safer Cities EPWP, also part of the group, shared Lazarus’s sentiment and added, “Knowing that his brother and friends are facing a murder charge, the brother of the accused should have behaved better and shown respect for the women outside. His arrogance and ghastly actions were uncalled for. Those accused must receive a life sentence for their crime.”

Singh said other family members of the accused implicated in the shoe beating outside the courthouse behaved abysmally as well with one even referring to the protesters as ‘monkeys.’ Naidoo, meanwhile, says she is outraged at the justice system and police as the murder accused walk free and her family lives imprisoned lives. “I cannot understand how they are roaming the streets and still smiling after what they did to my brother. The police have been told that these thugs are still in the area but nothing is being done to address this. Their bail conditions were clear. It seems like criminals have more freedom than victims these days,” said Naidoo.