Scores of pro-lifers from different areas gathered in uMhlanga Rocks on Sunday. They embarked on a peaceful march to fight against the legalising of abortion in South Africa.

It’s been 20 years since abortion was legalised in South Africa but pro-life organisations are hoping to have the law reversed. The march was organised by the National Alliance for Life (NAL).
According to NAL chairman, Dr Albu van Eeden, NAL was formed to create a platform for times where there was a need for pro-lifers in South Africa to plan and act together.

“Despite the legalisation of abortion in February 1997, there is a groundswell movement among South Africans against this law,” said Dr van Eeden.

He said the march aims to inspire pro-life Christians / people to take a public stand against abortion.

This year, pro-lifers from all nine provinces are expected to descend to Durban for the national march.
Dr van Eeden said never before has there been such great a need for pro-lifers to stand together regardless of their various affiliations.“This situation cannot be allowed to continue. There is a desperate need for all South Africans to do something,” said Dr van Eeden. Pastor Aaron Munsamy from the Verulam Youth Forum made it clear that they will fight till the law is changed in the country.

“We are gathered here today to fight against the aborting of unborn babies, ever since the law was introduced the number of aborted babies continues to increase rapidly, we call upon all South Africans to help us fight this.
Today is all about speaking for those who cant speak for themselves.”