A truck driver transporting basic food items feared for his life after he was confronted by protestors who looted his truck in the Helpmekaar Rd in St Chads, Ladysmith this morning (Friday, 20 April). Protests on that road continued since Wednesday as the community were up in arms over the lack of electricity being provided in their area.

The Helpmekaar Rd was completely blocked off with rocks, tree branches and other debris preventing access to the area.

The Ladysmith police and K9 unit were quick on the scene and recovered most of the payload, while stopping looters in their tracks. The truck was travelling on the Helpmekaar Rd when he forced to stop. “I jumped out as people were becoming violent against me,” said the driver, who made his way on foot to the Ladysmith police station.

When police arrived at the scene they found looters began clearing out the payload and were trying to siphon diesel from the truck. Police gave chase and managed to recover much of the goods that were already stolen. No arrests were made as looters fled in all directions. The truck driver said that he was just happy that he was not harmed in the confrontation and that the goods were recovered. He thanked the police for their help.

The road to Ezakheni remained sealed amid the protests.