A teen sex scandal is brewing in Phoenix after a 17-year-old girl confessed to fearing for her safety since she received threats from a social media friend (22) whom she shared home-made sex videos of her with other partners.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, head of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA), Prem Balram, said the Phoenix learner made contact with RUSA on 29 March 2018, seeking assistance after the Facebook friend turned up the heat and made contact with the teen’s family and friends, threatening to send them the startling sex videos and pictures and even located her home address.

“According to the girl, her friend had shared her contact details with a man in 2016. She was 15 years old and the man, who also resides in Phoenix, was 20 years old. He then invited her on Facebook and Whatsapp. During their conversations, the young complainant sent him 10 homemade sex videos of herself with other partners and nude pictures of herself. The girl said that she had changed her number since and had lost contact with the suspect. On 29 March, approximately two years later, she received threats of exposure by the Facebook friend. He has not made any demands. According to the girl, she and the Facebook friend have never met nor
have they been involved in a relationship,” said Balram.

Careful and discreet investigations have led the RUSA members to identify the 22-year-old unemployed suspect. Investigations are continuing as the suspect has made no demands said the young girl. The teen’s single parent is apparently unaware of her daughter’s sexual escapades and dilemma.

“These kind of sagas are ongoing and sadly, lands a lot of people in hot water because of their actions. Reaction Unit South Africa has addressed many situations involving the young and old in situations that have threatened to expose their dastardly deeds leading their blackmailers to extort large sums of money from them as well as sacrifice their dignity,” Balram said.

He added, “Just recently, a Durban granny in her 60s, suffered shame when her nude pictures were threatened with exposure unless large sums of money were paid to the extortionist. Reaction Unit South Africa was contacted to intervene. In a previous case a few years ago, a North Coast teen from a high school in Verulam, found herself in dire straits after she agreed to exchanging sexual favours with her male class mates at accost of a R12 airtime voucher per partner. These are just some of the cases that RUSA has dealt with. There are scores more. Often the complainants are left red-faced and threaten suicide to escape the shame
of their situation.”

Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh, said, “Youth need to be empowering themselves with a solid education for a bright and prosperous future. Interaction on social media should be limited and monitored by parents in the safety of their children. There are sexual predators out there and social media has its disadvantages. Also, abstinence is a concept that must be intensely promoted. Our youth need to know that their safety and well-being is also their responsibility and they need to avoid getting into situations that threaten their reputation and future.”