On Thursday, 22 February, Operation Fiela kicked off in the eThekwini Inner South Cluster where the operational Commander Major General Mandlenkosi Chirwa paraded more than 265 police officers within the Wentworth and Marianhill policing precincts with the main objective of creating a safe and secure environment for society.

Ethekwini Inner South Cluster Communications Officer Captain Cheryl Pillay stated that Operation Fiela focuses on drugs, illegal firearms, aggravated robberies, counterfeit goods and hijacking.

“Police were successful in apprehending suspects for offences such as possession of unlicensed firearms, possession of ammunition and the possession of drugs. Wanted suspects who were sought by police were also arrested. Police also recovered a white Nissan Almeira in Wentworth,” said Pillay.
The Acting Cluster Commander of eThekwini Inner South, Major General Mandlenkosi Chirwa states that the objective of Operation Fiela is to maintain law, order peace and security as well as reclaim the space occupied by criminals.

Major General Chirwa applauds the efforts made by concerned community members to address the profileration of drugs in our community.

“It is through this partnership that police were able to coordinate intelligence driven operations resulting in the arrests of accused as well as seizure of illicit drugs. The EIS Crime Combatting Unit received information of illicit drug activity at a known drug den at Stork Place in Bayview. During two operations members found sixty four capsules of heroine and thirteen pieces of rock cocaine abandoned outside of a flat in Stork Place. Our members will leave no stone unturned in dealing with those who are dealing in drugs. We will act strongly against drug dealers and drug dens in our communities in order to clamp down on illicit drugs,” he said.

Pillay stated that police require adequate crime information in respect of illicit drug activity, not only for the effective investigation and prosecution of organised crime syndicates. “The abuse of narcotics also generates higher levels of criminality and violence. Chatsworth SAPS is appealing to residents to blow the whistle on alleged drug dealing in Chatsworth. Police have established an informer network which guarantees anonymity to whistle blowers. Contact Colonel Trevor Small on 031 4514372 alternatively call 079 889 9602 to report illicit drug activity.

It is important to recognise that there is no single cause of crime in South Africa. At the same time, different types of crime have different root causes, and hence require different approaches to prevention. Ethekwini Inner South Cluster has adopted two approaches to addressing the issue of drugs in the community namely crime prevention through apprehension of perpetrators in terms of Act 140 of 1992 and through social crime prevention initiatives,” said Pillay.

Pillay encouraged youth to join the SAPS in this fight against crime.” Programmes are conducted at schools to empower youth on attitudes, values and life skills. By educating the learners, police provide a basic grounding in the workings of the criminal justice system as well as key life skills which build confidence and provide ammunition to deal with victimisation. These programme aims eventually to create new relations between the youth and to facilitate the administration of justice. Through these programmes, youth groups have been. We encourage residents to attend regular meeting in the various suburbs and together identify crime related problems and find solutions to eradicate drugs from the community,” concluded Pillay.