The current Mrs SA Globe, Zeenath Desai is living her dream to inspire others. The successful sales executive and devoted wife of 17 years will spend 2018 giving motivational talks, partaking in community service, enjoying many media engagements and getting red carpet ready for events. She will represent South Africa in China this November as she competes for the International Mrs Globe title.

The Weekly Gazette recently caught up with Desai to chat about beauty, dreams and motivation.

TWG: How does it feel to be perusing your dream?
ZD: I’ve never allowed waiting to become a habit. I’m living my dream, living every single moment. I’ve always believed in living your dreams-take risks absorb the challenges ahead of you. My life begins now and I’m embracing every moment.

TWG:When did the dream first start for you?
ZD: When I was as young as 12 years this had become a dream of mine. I grew up watching all the Miss SA pageants and I clearly remember telling my mom and dad that one day I was going to change peoples lives. It was such a big deal for my family to huddle around theTV and watch the elegantly poised finalist graciously answer three questions. I hung onto every word.

TWG:The myth about beauty pageants has been busted and many now know there is a lot more to it than make-up and evening gowns, tell us your take.
ZD: Don’t judge me because I have make-up on and a gown, judge me for who I am. A lot of women need to prove that they are the complete package, and that they deserve to get the crown based on merit .

TWG: Does beauty carry power in today’s society, and if so how do you think that power should be used?
ZD: Unfortunately sometimes this power can become an enigma for woman who are unable, it is true that our society, places a huge emphasis on physical beauty, we are all human-beings. More women have the money scope and legal recognition than we have ever had before, though the beauty myth took over .

TWG: What is your ultimate ambition as a beauty queen?
ZD: There are four keys: beauty through positive thinking; by working hard, staying focused, keeping on course with my charity work, trusting in my abilities, and doing the best that I possibly achieve.

TWG: How has your tour been going on? Any highlights?
ZD: My highlight is being able to make someone smile. We all have a mission in life and mine is to instil belief in one’s self and to equip them in to go out there and reach out to their full potential.

TWG:When there is a focus on appearances a lot can go wrong, what was your most embarrassing or funniest wardrobe mishap?
ZD: On the day of my interview, I can recall when the seam of my dress tore at the back. Thank goodness I was number 10, so luck was on my side, and I could have our on-board assistant take me to the ladies and try to mend it.

TWG: What’s your favourite fashion trend at the moment?
ZD: My favourite fashion trend at the moment is street chic-funky yet with a sophistication of elegance and flair.

TWG: Do you have any advice for woman or girls who would love to be in your stilettos?
ZD: Yes. Believe in yourself, believe in who you are.

TWG: Are there any misconceptions about your industry that youíd like to dispel?
ZD: One of the most common misconceptions in the beauty pageant industry is that itís an easy duty anyone can fulfil – this is far from the truth. The pageant focuses on a woman’s talent personality and intelligence. A woman is not crowned for her outer beauty, she is crowned because of her personality and drive to help others. A crown or sash does not define who you are.

Complete the sentence ….My last meal would be … prawns and chocalisimo desert.

My superpower would be …reading people’s minds.