She is one of the three KZN contestants and in the top 100 who have made it to the semi final rounds of the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa.

The 40-year old Greenwood Park mother-of-four Natisha Makka is a business owner and image consultant who is passionate about building young girls’ – self esteem. The local beauty aims to uplift community through the pageant.

Durban North News caught up with the beautiful, bubbly “Makka” as she is affectionately known to chat about her Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa journey.

Durban North News (DNN): You are one of the 100 semi-finalists in the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa contest, what does it mean for you?

Natisha Makka (NM): I am just so eternally grateful to be part of this phenomenal movement ,the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa -one that encompasses all that I believe in and hold very dear to my heart. What a platform for us real relatable women of this land

DNN: What have you learnt from the competition?

NM: I have had so many confirmations throughout this season – one that particularly stands out for me is that it is more than ok for me to be different and be unapologetic about it.

DNN: Tell us about what you are most passionate about other than building young girls’ self-esteem?

NM: There are a few things that touch my core. Giving is one of them, I am a bonafide sower. I just love giving to people. Giving of myself, my time, my resources, there is just something so beautiful when you come to realisation that whatever leaves your hand will never leave your life.
I can only wish I had these opportunities growing up and that is why I will continue to stand with young girls and watch them fulfil their destinies.

DNN: Some might say a beauty pageant is only about looks, do you agree and why?

NM: No I don’t agree. It has never been about being the prettiest face or having the perfect body for me – because I never stood out for those reasons. And also because beauty pageants have never been thought of as particularly real or relatable. When I came to know the values and belief system of the newly rebranded Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa I was astounded because it was like deep calling unto deep. The Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa is not just an ordinary pageant it is a female empowerment movement which is all about giving South Africa’s unsung superwomen a chance to get support and give input. It is a platform to reach a new level of success and visibility on a global stage.What touches my heart so deeply is that it showcases the virtues of South Africa,the spirit of Ubuntu and the real relatable women of our land. It is not about stereotypes that do not match real women out there. This is who I am and I am so blessed to be part of a movement that celebrates all my fellow sisters for our unique femininity.

DNN: How has being a mother played a role in your journey as a contestant?

NM: My children have helped shape the person and formidable woman I have become.They unknowingly challenge me to always be my best, to always give my best, to always see the best in others. It has had a ripple effect concerning the fruit of patience in my life – having four children will teach you a few things and patience is one of them. I see beauty in everything around me, my heart beats compassion and kindness.

DNN: If you win the coveted title, how do you plan on using this platform to make a difference in your community?

NM: I will be able to do so much more for the at risk youth within my community with the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa empowerment movement. Young girls need to know that they are beautiful and that they can achieve great things regardless of their current circumstances. I want my community to remember my name years after I have moved on from the scene of time. I want young girls to know how much I loved them and cared.

DNN: With women and child abuse being so prevalent in society, what advice would you give to victims of abuse?

NM: This is something that hits very close to home. My answer remains the same as it has always been- women need to know more and more that they have a voice and that they have a choice. They do not have to stay in that abusive relationship. As hard as it is they have to rise up within and take that step to make a change in their lives. I have walked this journey with many women and it is always been such a painful process but when I look at them today I stand amazed at the power of a irrevocable decision. I believe that as women arise women are in a better position to protect our children as prevention is better than cure. Even though children are by far the most resilient I am passionate about education regarding this matter because I would rather this be prevented at all costs.

DNN: There are only three contestants in KZN that made it into the top 100, what does that mean for you to be part of something this big?

NM: I count it an honour and privilege to be one of the three in KZN.I am overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude to be given the opportunity to let my light shine even brighter than it already is throughout my community. I guess what I am saying is that it has been truly indescribable. What good can come out of Greenwood Park they asked? Natisha Makka – times are changing indeed.

DNN: Are you involved in any charity work and for which organisation?

NM: I have always been involved with charity work and I do see myself as a philanthropist on my own level. I work with Covenant Crisis Care Centre in Redhill Durban and the Charity Hop Shop in Glenwood Durban.
DNN: As a motivational speaker and business woman, what is that one thing that women should know?

NM: Women need to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made – and in knowing this every woman will understand that she too can use her lips for truth ,her voice for kindness, her ears for compassion, her hands for charity and her heart for love. For those who do not like her she uses prayer. A woman who understands her worth knows these truths and is a force to be reckoned with.

DNN: What rule do you live by?

NM: Be the change you want to see and always be kind and loving to others, treat every single person you meet as the most important person.