Lloyd Paul is a radio personality, recording artist, rapper and more. With a career in the media and a voice that reaches many, Paul hopes to use his skills for good and have a positive influence. The man of many talents sat down to chat to Chatsworth.

CT: As a man who wears many hats, how do you define yourself and what is your favourite hat to wear?
LP: I am just an ordinary human being and thank God for blessing me with multiple talents and skills which enables me to make an impact in the various fields of my work. My favourite hat to wear would be radio presenter.

CT: What is your passion in life and how does your job allow you to do what you love?
LP: My passion has always been music therefore working on radio, being a recording artist and also the regional manager of the Independant Music Performance Rights Association allows me to work with music on various levels on a daily basis.

CT: If you were to do something else- what would it be?
LP: Life coach

CT: What is the most fulfilling part of your job?
LP: It allows me to inform, educate, empower, make a difference and engage with people on a national and global platform.

CT: What is your ultimate goal as a performer/ entertainer?
LP: To use my music as a tool to bring people of all ages from all works of life together hence nation building.

CT: Do you think radio has the power to change the world, if yes, how?
LP: Yes, most definitely. Radio is theatre
of the mind. It has a major influence on how people think and respond based on what they hear.

CT: In your opinion, what are some of the dangers of televised reporting?
LP: People react to what they see and this can be risky when it comes to sensitive matters.

CT: Do you think the media is a vehicle for social change? If so, what are some of the ways that media is used for good or bad?
LP: Yes, the media educates and informs the public on any situation and provides possible solutions to negative issues thus assisting in social cohesion and community upliftment. In order to empower an individual you have to reach out to them and media has the ability to connect and deliver the message anywhere in the world which has a trigger effect on society.

CT: Do you think World Radio Day is an important day and why?

LP: Yes, most definitely. Radio has
been around way before television and reaches out to people anywhere in the world. The power of radio is amazing and it’s awesome that we have a day to celebrate and highlight the work and impact that radio has from eduction to entertainment etc.

CT: What advice do you have for aspiring radio personalities?

LP: Believe in yourself. Be confident. Always be willing to learn. Ask questions. Create your own brand. Be original. Nothing is impossible. Never give up!

CT: What was it like to share the stage with superstars like Black Coffee and Loyiso?

LP: Electric. They are awesome guys on and off the stage. Amazing vibe and energy.

CT: Have you ever collaborated with another musician and did this enrich your sound?

LP: Yes, with a few actually. I’m very versatile and love experimenting with different genres. Creating good music is art and the possibilities of fusing different genres to create a masterpiece is limitless.

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My perfect Sunday would be…
My last meal would be…
Pap and vleis
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