Newcastlians might be flying to Johannesburg in April as the new airport facility is less than 1% to completion, according to Director of Economic Development in the Newcastle Municpality, Ferdie Alberts.

The contract extended to 30 March that saw the allowed project to include car ports and signages as the S.A Airlink wants to move in as soon as possible. Alberts said they are just awaiting confirmation from the airline company and people might fly sooner that they thought and the airport will be 99,9% complete. He added however that they needed to sort out outstanding issues which included safety among others. “We have an approach system that we are looking into like the upgraded GPS system, extinguishers, counters and stainless steel counters,” said Alberts.

The new airport has started to become a tourist attraction for students who visited the site last Tuesday for a tourism project.
The Newcastle Techno Hub is one of four techno hubs in KZN which includes Port Shepstone Richards Bay and Msunduzi Techno Hub which is the only hub that has not started any construction. R120 million was received by the Provincial Treasury by the European Union, the Newcastle Hub received R36 million from treasury. Msunduzi Municipality received the lowest with only R4 million allocated to them.