A hero in his family’s eyes…the deceased, Raman ‘Barney’ Munian

“He was a family man. He threw himself in the line of danger to save our family. He will always be remembered for that ultimate sacrifice.”

Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, Shameshen Munian, son of Palmview resident, Raman Angamuthu Munian (Barney) (68), described the unselfish act from his dad, when he was fatally stabbed by a house robber at their Ferapalm Road home in Phoenix, during the early hours of Thursday morning.

Phoenix police have arrested the 39-year-old suspect who allegedly stabbed the humble grandfather whilst a second suspect fled the scene.

In an interview with the Phoenix Tabloid, Shameshen’s wife, Christina, related how the brutal attack unfolded that led to her father-in-law losing his life in the blink of an eye.

“My father-in-law, was about to leave to hospital and had the car idling when he stepped inside the house to bid us all goodbye. Two unknown men barged in with him and we heard dad scream. My husband rushed to his assistance together with my brother-in-law. They found dad fighting off the two suspects. I was in the room with my two-year-old and dad was preventing them from entering the room. One suspect then ran out of the house whilst the men managed to restrain the remaining suspect,” said Christina.

“He was locked in the bathroom but had his backpack with him. The police was immediately contacted. Whilst in there the suspect managed to break out of the bathroom with implements he had in his bag and he burst out brandishing a knife. He lunged at the men and that’s when dad placed himself as a shield and was violently stabbed by the enraged suspect. He collapsed onto the floor. Shameshen was also attacked and injured by the suspect. The suspect attempted to run away but was subdued by the brothers and neighbours who rushed out to assist after hearing the commotion,” Christina added.

“The room looked like a slaughter house. Blood, blood, was everywhere! Dad was lying in a pool of blood. He was rushed to hospital but succumbed to his injuries and passed on. He will always be a hero in our eyes and hearts. He saved our lives and lost his own,” the heartbroken daughter-in-law said.

The loving granddad had sustained a nine inch stab wound to his left arm and eye brow.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo said, “The complainant, his brother, and the father (now deceased), were struggling with the suspect. The suspect in an attempt to scare the complainant and his family drew a firearm which the complainant immediately saw was a toy firearm. The suspect used that firearm to hit the complainants’ father with it and the firearm broke. The suspect was restrained in the bathroom by the family members and whilst police were contacted and responding to the scene, the suspect broke out of the bathroom and attacked the complainant and his father. The suspect was apprehended by family members and neighbours. The father and the suspect were taken to hospital for medical attention but the elderly dad passed away due to the severity of his injuries. The suspect was treated and discharged and has been held in the Phoenix SAPS cells. He is to be charged and will appear in court.”

The murder case is being probed by Phoenix detectives.

The devastated Munian family is struggling to come to terms with the tragic loss of their beloved dad who was laid to rest this past weekend.

Celebrated local comedian and motivational speaker, 31-year-old Natashia Portrag, the face of ‘Bash with Tash,’ also spoke out on social media regarding the murder of Raman Munian, the father of her fiancé. Portrag slammed the violence in the area and said she grew close to Raman during the past year and a half. She echoed the sentiments shared by Christina saying Raman died a hero by saving his family. Portrag added that Raman’s death had impacted the neighbourhood as they are a close-knit community.

Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh, labelled the fatal attack as ‘heinous’ and said such violence appears to be the norm within the Phoenix suburb. “We are living at the mercy of ruthless, merciless criminals. They have no regard for human life. It is absolutely shattering to know that a grandfather lost his life whilst protecting his family. We, as a community, need to rise up and become more pro-active in this fight against crime. There is strength in numbers. By lending support to crime sector forums and the police, we can strengthen our stance against marauding outlaws. Our deepest condolences go out to the bereaved family and we pray God’s strength upon them during this time of mourning.”