“Mother’s Day will never be the same again for our mum as half of her heart is in heaven with Donovan.”

These were the poignant words of Natasha Naidoo, sister of the slain Donovan Naicker, who was beaten to death in Stonebridge on Saturday, 10 March 2018, after he is alleged to have intervened in a fight to assist a person known to him (Phoenix Tabloid, 13 March 2018). Naicker was beaten to death with bricks and stones as he was hit repeatedly on his head.

Two suspects were arrested by Phoenix SAPS, initially, and appeared in court where they were granted bail of R3 000. Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo, identified the accused as Floyd Reddy (28) and 24 year old Karl Pretorius.

A third suspect, Jensen Reddy, believed to be the brother of Floyd Reddy, was arrested on Thursday, 15 March. He appeared in court and was also granted bail of R3 000. The trio will make their first court appearance since having their bail granted on 16 May 2018 at the Verulam Magistrates Cou.

Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, Natasha said, “Our family will not accept that the accused can be roaming the streets, out on bail. They took my brother’s life so callously. They robbed us of our brother and my mum of her son. They took a father away from his children. Three murderers out on bail is a travesty of justice.” “We did not have the opportunity to protest against their bail application as we were busy laying my beloved brother to rest. Two of the accused had their bail granted on the day of my brother’s funeral.

Regarding the third suspect, after numerous calls and visits to the police station by our family members, more witness statements were taken, leading to the arrest of the third suspect on Thursday, 15 March 2018. Bail was granted the following Tuesday although evidence was presented to the detective to show that the suspect planned to run away,” said Natasha.

On Wednesday, the family together with relatives, friends and supporters from the community will peacefully protest outside court calling for the accused to have their bail revoked.

The family have since Donovan’s death set up a Facebook page called ‘Justice for Donovan Naicker’ and have been rallying support to have the accuseds’ bail revoked. They have staged protests in Phoenix and have a petition calling for justice to be served and have thus far garnered 15 000 signatures with most people calling for the bail to be revoked and some for the death penalty to be handed down to murderers. “It has been a very difficult two months for the family and we still find it difficult to come to terms with Donovan’s death. What’s harder to stomach is that the accused are walking around freely in the same vicinity where our mother lives. These murderers viciously took a life and continue to go on with their lives normally.

We feel that a great miscarriage of justice has occurred and we have engaged an attorney to take up this case and secure justice for my slain brother,” Natasha said. Anyone interested in joining the family of Donovan Naicker in their call for justice to prevail can meet supporters outside the Verulam Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, 16 May at 7:30am.