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Mosque Attacked by Armed Men: Verulam

*Not for sensitive viewers

Three men are fighting for their lives after being attacked by three male suspects at a mosque in Ottawa Verulam.

At approx 14:39 today,  Members of Reaction Unit South Africa received multiple calls of a terrorist  attack at the Imam Hussain Mosque in Ottawa Verulam.   Upon arrival Reaction Officers found that two victims had their throats slit and were bleeding profusely. Paramedics were called to the scene to attend to the critically injured men. Reaction Officer then noticed smoke emanating from the mosque and attempted to douse the flames. A third victim was found inside the building, bleeding from a wound to his throat. A knife was found beside the victim.  According to witnesses three (3) armed Egyptian males armed with knives and guns attacked the mosque, slitting the victim’s throat & then set fire to the building.

The suspects who were wearing half balaclavas fled in a white Hyundai light motor vehicle with no registration plates.

Members of Reaction Unit South Africa are searching the area and request assistance from the public to come forward with any information they may have that could be helpful in apprehending the suspects.