By Shanell Daniel

A disgruntled resident of Marbleray Drive, New Dawn Park in Newlands East, Saeed Kadir, expressed his concern for children who play in the area. He claims that over the years several accidents have taken place on the busy road and pleas for speed calming have been brushed aside.

According to Kadir, two accidents took place on Friday, 11 August. He says the first accident happened around 4.50pm after the driver of the vehicle crashed it into his neighbours fenced residence. The fence was dislodged and the vehicle landed in an upright position.

The scene of the accident where the vehicle involved landed in an upright position

“I was inside my house when I heard a loud bang. I came outside and all I could see was smoke and the bonnet of the car.”

Kadir says the second accident happened about an hour later. “The second vehicle crashed into a stationary vehicle on the pavement outside the property. I just heard skidding and a bang.”

He said that a few weeks ago the boundary wall on his property was crashed into by another vehicle. Frustrated by the incidents, Kadir said, “We have been requesting speed humps to be put in place on the road because it is so busy and drivers speed along the road. Our request has fallen on deaf ears. I don’t know what will happen to our kids. Children play outside. A nearby main road, John Dory Road, has speed humps but we don’t have them on Marbleray Drive which is also a main road. If there was speed humps on the road these accidents would not have happened.”

Democratic Alliance (DA) Ward councillor for the area, Shontel De Boer, indicated that she has been trying to get speed calming on the road over the years and has been in contact with the eThekweni Transport Authority (ETA) concerning the issue.

“We’ve been asking for speed calming on that road for years now. Accidents keep happening and the eThekwini Transport Authority are not coming to the party.  I’ve met with the official in 2012 and I met with an official about 2 years back but still nothing has been done. The accidents continue along that road but ETA just won’t put any speed calming in place.”

The ETA, Durban Metro police and SAPS were contacted for comment, but nothing was forthcoming at the time of going to press.