Verulam Community activist Roshan Lil-Ruthan has made a plea to the community to mobilise and stand against violence against children abuse following a 48-year-old man who was arrested for allegedly raping his eight-year-old niece at her great grandparents’ home on Evergreen Circle in Oaklands Verulam last Thursday.

Ruthan said: “We had a meeting with the Verulam Civic Association last Friday and it’s leadership have fully supported a public mass meeting for 23 June where we will be saying enough is enough.”

“It is time for us to take back our town and to make sure that crime is given the boot we should not be the ones who are afraid, let’s put the fear back in criminals that we are a no go area for crime,” said Ruthan.

Reaction Unit South Africa’s Prem Balram said: “Reaction officers were dispatched to the residence after the child’s mother walked into the bedroom and found the man pulling up his pants. The child was found in her underwear covered with a blanket.

“Upon arrival at the home, officers restrained the man who confirmed that he had raped the child. The grade three learner told Rusa Members that it was not the first time that she was raped by him. She went on to explain that her parents are divorced and she regularly visited her grandparents who live on the same road as her.

“Last week while there her uncle, who is a resident of Phoenix pitched up at the home and asked her to follow him into the bedroom to play cards. When she entered the room he allegedly raped her,” said Balram.

“The child once again went to visit her grandparents and found her uncle there. He took her to an upstairs bedroom where he undressed and raped her. During the rape he blocked her mouth with his hands to prevent her from screaming. The suspect was placed under arrest and is currently in custody at the Verulam SAPS. The child was transported to hospital for a medical evaluation,” said Balram.