One person was entrapped, after the truck he was in, collided with a car before going through the barrier and landing on the N2 North Bound near the M1 Higginson Highway on Tuesday afternoon.

Rescue Care Paramedics were called to the crash around 4pm to find the badly damaged vehicles. The truck had collided with a car from the M1 Higginson Highway joining the N2 North Bound. The truck went through the armco barrier and landed on the busy highway the N2 below. The truck driver was entrapped in the wreckage and whilst Advanced Life Support Paramedics worked to stabilise him, rescuers used the Jaws of Life to free the truck driver. Once freed, the man was transported to a nearby hospital for the further care that he required. The driver of the light motor vehicle had sustained moderate injuries and was also stabilised by Rescue Care Paramedics before being transported to a nearby hospital.

At this stage the events leading up to the collision are unknown. SAPS were on scene and will be investigating further.