Asma with CEO of Dolphins Cricket, Heinrich Strydom

Asma Mahomed from Al-Falaah College was tagging along with her brother’s KZN cricket tour to Kimberly when she revealed her amazing cricketing abilities after one of the coaches asked her to bowl.

The skilled cricketer then started her training with Elite Cricket Academy and the following year, at age 11, she attended district trials and went on to captain the district team.

She later made the KZN under 13 girls’ team and played in an inter provincial tournament where she took 11 wickets in 5 games and was named most valuable player.

The accomplished Asma recently received an unofficial capping during the annual KZN Cricket teams capping ceremony at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead. Tabloid Newspapers caught up with Asma’s father, Shaheen Mahomed as they arrived back from a tour in Gauteng this week.

“It was a fantastic tour, Asma captained the team and her bowling stats were phenomenal,” said a proud Mahomed. Despite Asma’s success, Mahomed said that brother, Zaahid still receives more recognition in the male-dominated sport.

“Cricket was predominantly a male sport and has recently become a female sport, but the boys always get more recognition than the girls and this is changing slowly,” said Mahomed.