Siam Lee
Siam Lee

About a dozen protestors from the Democratic Alliance’s Women’s Network held a demonstration outside the Durban Magistrate Court on Friday where a case against murder accused Philani Ntuli was being heard.

Ntuli is accused of allegedly kidnapping and murdering Durban North woman, Siam Lee (20). He has since made claims of harassment and torture by the police. The 29-year-old Ntuli claims he had been punched in the face and the blood from his nose was placed on a tissue for DNA.

Lee went missing on 4 January from a house in Durban North. Her charred remains were recovered in a farm in New Hanover, however DNA results are yet to be finalised.

Ntuli said that he feared for his life. “I’ve got scars all over my body. I’ve been assaulted, harassed and suffocated with a plastic bag at the police station. I fear for my life. Even when I was arrested, items from my home were also stolen. When I was arrested I was told I would either confess or leave my home in a body bag,” he said.

Amongst others, Ntuli is also facing rape charges. His request to be moved to Westville Prison was declined by Magistrate Mohamed Motala, and he is back at the Durban North police station cells while the State to finalise its charges. His case has been handed over to a provincial detective task team.