The Ladysmith Police has launched an internal investigation and disciplinary into an alleged claim of racism and assault by a female police officer stationed at the Besters Police. The claim comes after the officer alleges a “very serious interrogation” of a suspect by a detective. The officer has since laid charges of racism and assault against the detective.

Ladysmith police’s communications officer, Captain Bongani Nyathi confirmed that a criminal case has been opened and that the matter was under investigation. “We are not in a position to comment further until these two investigations are finalised,” said Nyathi after the Ladysmith Herald sent him an email for comment.

A video has since emerged documenting the incident. The white female officer, claims that she now fears for her life, after she was threatened by the black detective after he allegedly told her that he was a “spiritual leader”, was “extremely powerful” and that he would “make sure” that she would “get what is coming”.

The officer is presently on sick leave and is struggling to deal with ordeal.

She claimed that the integration was getting out of hand as she could hear the suspect crying and screaming for help. She said that she pleaded in vain with the detective to stop and tried to get other police officers to intervene.

She admitted that she had “nothing to do” with the detective side of things, but that the screaming was getting “too much to bear” and could be heard by the public in the community services centre (CSC).

The officer claimed that the interrogation of the suspect was wrong and far too violent. She claimed that while she searched for another more senior colleague to help, one of the cleaning staff was called to mop up the detective’s office.

She claimed that she could not see what was going on, but only heard that the screams were getting “louder and louder”. She said that she was “violently pushed away” by a senior detective who said that he was in charge of the detective branch.

She further claimed that the black officer told her that she had nothing to do in the detective’s area and she should not think that she could anything that she wanted to.

She claimed that the officer continued hurl verbal abuse at her by calling her a racist and that she was “living in the past” and that she needs counselling because of the way that she was.

The detective allegedly continued calling the woman racist and saying that he was her boss. He allegedly told her that she was stupid to think that she could control or scare him. She claimed that he threatened her by saying that “that she must see what he will do to her”.

The female officer says that she fears for her life and believes that nothing will come from an internal investigation. She claims that “no interest” was shown in her incident and claims that she was threatened by other officers at the Besters police station she works and that she should “think carefully” about how she would like to proceed with the matter.

A case of common assault was opened at the Ladysmith police station.