Respect towards ourselves and others not only guides our morals and manners but is also a key aspect in life in order to form and maintain positive relationships with everyone around us.

These and other important life skills have become part of Orissa Primary School’s new Values Education special project. The project is focused on the importance of instilling core values and morals within the youngsters in an effort to positively develop their character.

Merlene Matthews, a local businesswoman was involved in launching this initiative at a special assembly with a presentation on the importance of respect. This initiative is fully supported by the School Governing Body who believes that this important thread is imperative in the lives of all children.

With this term’s core value being respect, learners are being taught to respect themselves, their friends, family, the school and the environment. “By implementing this value project we are equipping children with teachings that they can carry out throughout their lives and everywhere they go,” explained Mrs Frances June Dayal the acting principal at Orissa Primary.

“We are living in an ever-changing society, with fewer traditional families and increasing socio-economic challenges and our children are exposed to all of that. This alone poses many difficulties and the importance of values and morals can easily be overlooked. That is why we as a school have taken a positive and proactive approach in shaping the childrens’ characters from a young age,” explained Dayal.

The theme will run throughout the term and is also being incorporated into the school’s academic curriculum. “We are making efforts to link the teachings of core values with the academic material. For example if we are busy with a comprehension during an English lesson, we are incorporating the discussions around values and morals within the story. We also have posters and visuals around the school as a creative positive reminder for the learners,” added Dayal.

Learners who are able to demonstrate an excellent understanding of the values will be rewarded at the end of the term.