The room where the accused allegedly hid the baby

Phoenix woman, Molly Naidoo, says she had nothing to do with the death of her niece’s baby and is being wrongfully accused and labelled as a “murderer” by the public.

Thirty-three-year old Roseanne Chiniah-Peters was arrestedand appeared in the KwaDukuza Magistrates Court on 22 January and again on 25 January. KZN provincial police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Thulani Zwane confirmed that a case
of concealment of birth was opened at KwaDukuza police station after a baby’s body was found in the Ottawa area in January.

The ‘electricity room’ where the baby was allegedly kept over night

According to Naidoo, unbeknown to her, Chiniah-Peters allegedly travelled with her dead newborn baby from Stanger to Naidoo’s home in Shastri Park, Phoenix. She claims that Chiniah-Peters kept the baby in a bag at the house for several days before disposing of it near Ottawa.

In an exclusive interview with The Phoenix Tabloid, Naidoo said that she was unaware that her niece was pregnant and only permitted for her to come to her house after receiving a Whatsapp message from Chiniah-Peter’s mother stating that she will be visiting for a few days. “I had not seen Roseanne in a while. I agreed to her coming to stay with me because we are family. I had no idea she was pregnant. I didn’t know she was pregnant since April last year because I didn’t keep in touch with her. When she came to my house her stomach was flat,” said Naidoo.

She added that on the day of her arrival, at around midday, Chiniah-Peters advised her that she got a lift from a neighbour and will be going to a hospital to uMhlanga. “I was waiting for her to return because I was getting late for church. She came back at 5pm with only a pink handbag. I went to church and when I came back home I got a funny smell but I thought it was me because I was unwell,” said Naidoo.

Naidoo said that the next morning the smell was still in the house. “I even said it smelt like something died. I never knew what it was. I went to church and to a funeral thereafter and when I returned Roseanne was gone to the shop. She bought incense sticks but it did not help. She told me she was sick and that was the reason for the smell,” said Naidoo.

Naidoo said that the smell was so bad that she could not eat and wanted to vomit. “I lit a candle, because we didn’t have lights, and my daughter and I looked in the bedroom to see if we could find what was causing the smell. My daughter said the smell was coming from one corner of the room. Before we could grab the bag Roseanne picked it up,” said Naidoo.

She claimed that Chiniah-Peters proceeded to sit outside with the bag and refused to allow them to see what was inside. “She said there was bloody clothes inside the bag as her sickness made her bleed. During the early hours of Thursday morning she left the bag inside the electricity supply place outside my house. She never slept that night. My children hid the house key so that they could see what was in the bag in the morning but when she woke up she asked me for the key and I gave it to her,” said Naidoo.

She claims that during the morning Chiniah-Peters took the bag and that a neighbour dropped her off at Palmview garage. “I believe she walked all the way to Ottawa to look for a place to dispose of the body because if she took a taxi people would have gotten the smell. When she came home I helped her burn the clothes but I kept them in a
bag. I was in the dark about everything. My children called the police from work. When the police came she was not here. I argued with my daughter because I thought Roseanne was sick. The police smelt the bag and said it was a foetus,” said Naidoo.

Naidoo said that the police spoke to Chiniah-Peters on the phone and threatened to arrest Naidoo if she did not come to the police station. She claims that she was told that people called the police about a smell that was coming from the Ottawa area and when they got there they found the baby and kept it in the mortuary. “Roseanne came to the police station and identified the baby’s body. Police then arrested her. At the police station she told me that the baby was in the bag,” said Naidoo.

“I am still baffled. Everywhere I go to I get that smell and I am shocked that this happened in my house. I am a woman of good character, I love children. I would never hurt a child, especially a baby. My eyes were blinded. I am being called a murderer but I am not a murderer. I have not even received an apology from anyone for this happening in my house,” said Naidoo.

“It hurts me so much. God had a purpose for the baby. I was in a dwarl,” said Naidoo. Police are investigating further. Several attempts to contact Chiniah-Peters failed.