Giving up privacy is the price people pay for getting to use Facebook for free. People take advantage of free services by posting, searching and sharing. Most companies that collect the data use it for legitimate purposes and within the bounds that companies like Facebook permit. Tabloid Newspapers took to the streets to find out from people if they think their data on Facebook is safe.

Nikita Rambacham
I didn’t care too much when I first heard about it. After all, like any other marketer That is how Facebook makes its money. By selling marketers personal information about its users. I ended up going Facebook-Free once and for all, not because of this, but because, when I thought I was speaking to a friend on Messages, I suddenly found that someone was pretending to be my friend trying to convince me that there was free money to be had all I had to do was apply. Well, I’ve been around long enough to know that nothing is free. And, this just didn’t sound like my friend. So to answer your question no our data is not safe.

Nosipho Xaba
People really need to realise that nothing is free. I used to be able to ignore advertisements on the web Today, you can’t just ignore advertisements because they are all over your Facebook. It still costs you money because the advertisement is still there. Inever went on Facebook to see al thesethings. I would still like to find friends that I lost track of, years ago. This thing of Facebook selling our data to companies is wrong we have to have a say in it.

Samkelisiwe Khawula
There is no way to protect your data from Facebook, if you use their services collecting, collating, and selling data for business, government and political use is their business operations. Zuckerberg voluntarily gave companies data there is no privacy on the internet.

Tsheboeng Seitlhamo
It doesn’t matter what the platform is, there simply isn’t any way to protect your privacy if you use social media. Some may have been unaware, or simply didn’t care, but social media platforms make money by monetising your personal information. That means they scan every word they can read or hear, store it, analyze it, package it, and sell it to anyone with enough money to

Yonishka Naidoo
Over the years many attempts have been made to regulate companies that deal with personal data but it’s a never ending fight. So long as those people
wield political power, nothing will change. The issue with Facebook selling data
to companies has been spoken about for to long and unfortunately nothing is changing about it. There are certain things you can close on Facebook but that does not guarantee you that your profile is safe.

Ndumiso Dlomo
It is scary to know that there are people who are making money out of Facebook profiles, I wonder what it means to have all these privacy settings on the
App if our data is being sold. We are now subjected to crime because people can easily access our personal information. This is just not right.