That is the call being made by Chatsworth SAPS after finding notes of a prospective robbery in a maid’s handbag, recently. Ethekwini Inner South Cluster communications officer, Captain Cheryl Pillay confirmed the suspect’s arrest.
“According to a report at SAPS Chatsworth, a 19-year old suspect appeared at the Chatsworth Magistrates Court on charges of possession of dagga and conspiracy to commit robbery.” The notes were found in her possession.
The note had details of a home in Crossmoor, along with the number of the occupants and their belongings. It clearly instructs the suspect on the times to enter the home and what items to take, and also leaves instructions to “hit the wife” and “she give you everything”.
The note has been circulating on crime watch groups and social media, warning community members to be wary of whom they hire as maids.