The Baby House Westville is a safe house for abandoned babies. The primary focus of The Baby House Westville is to care for and nurture the babies placed in their care until such time that they are adopted. The babies are placed at the safe house by a registered social worker who either works with the mothers before the birth or she is contacted by the relevant authorities in the case of abandonment. The babies arrive within days, or sometimes hours, after birth. The safe house can accommodate up to 6 babies at any time.

The running of The Baby House Westville requires frequent and on-going fundraising as government child care grants are occasional, and corporate sponsorships are difficult to obtain.

The Baby House’s needs are much like that of a family home – cleaning products including laundry detergents, dishwashing liquid, disinfectants and baby consumables – nappies, wet wipes, bath toiletries, formula, porridge, Purity, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Community awareness and donations allow the home to continue to exist and care for one of the most valuable, but vulnerable, sectors of our society.

The community is urged to get involved with the home. The Baby House Westville has placed donation boxes at the following places to make donating items so convenient: Pick ‘n Pay Village Junction Westville, Pick ‘n Pay Village Market Westville, Superspar Westville and The Westville Mall (inside Clicks at the dispensary)

You can also make them a beneficiary on your My School Card.

While at The Baby House Westville the babies are provided with love, shelter, nourishment and appropriate medical care when necessary. The aim is for the babies in their care to reach their full potential by facilitating the meeting of appropriate physical developmental milestones and experiencing emotional stability and love. They encourage volunteers to spend time with the babies – holding them, talking to them and stimulating their senses. The babies flourish with a little individual attention and a lot of love. Their wish is for the babies to be integrated into the community. This socialising and bonding aids their transition once matched to an adoptive family.

A secondary goal is to raise awareness in the community that safe houses like The Baby House Westville exist. They hope that this awareness translates into a greater understanding of the growing problem of baby abandonment.

For more info contact Terri Wentzel on 061 125 0887 or Nola Smorenburg on
083 247 1423 or email: or find them on Facebook: Friends of the Baby House Westville.