Local stand up comedian, Natasha Portag – “Have a Bash with Tash” will be hosting the Helping Hand with TTLQ – Renal Awareness Walk in aid of raising funds for Seiresh Raimith, recently diagnosed with end stage renal failure.

The 5km awareness walk will begin at the Blue Lagoon Green Hub at 9am and finish at the Suncoast Casino on Sunday, 1 October.

Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, Natasha Portrag stated, “I have realised that comedy is my passion but helping people breeds far more a passion for me. I recently met with an amazing gentleman during my ladies night function. Seiresh Raimith has given me a new found perspective of life, his beautiful spirit and will to live has made me want to get involved.”

On 8 February 2016, like any other day, Raimith (32) was on his way to work, at work he experienced a blurry vision and was driven back home.

“My wife took me to Westville Hospital where I was diagnosed with end stage chronic kidney failure. I was immediately sent to theatre and had a catheter put on and started immediate dialysis. It was not easy emotionally, physically or mentally and I have my wife to thank for being my pillar of strength and helping me through.

“However, my company did not see it like that. As a baby goes through its teething phases I was going through mine. I was hospitalised 7 times last year and was absent from work as a result. Eventually I had to leave my job in November 2016,” said Raimith.

Using his knowledge from having a Bcom Business Management Degree and determined not to let his diagnosis affect him, Raimith decided to take his hobby and turn it into a profession. He became a photographer so he would be able to pay off his medical expenses.

“I have been for interviews this year but due to perceptions and assumptions, none of the interviews were successful. Employers could not believe that I would be able to work after dialysis as I would be out of it. Certainly not the case with me, dialysis is not a disease, it’s organ replacement therapy. I would like people to really understand what dialysis is and bring about awareness,” added Raimith.

Portrag said she supports this cause. “I fully support because Seiresh is not asking for money, he’s asking for an opportunity to work and very few people in his condition choose to live.

He’s going through so much of pain, hurt, disappointment and shock of being a youngster on stage 5 renal failure yet he looks forward to each day of his life with a positive attitude. He has the most amazing attitude you will ever find on the face of this earth,” said Portrag.

“I encourage all members of the community as well as business owners to team up and show support for this cause. Comedy will be the order of the day as friends, families and supporters walk to make a difference. The day promises to be filled with endless laughter and fun for the whole family.

“The walk will include a wellness day where walkers can test for pressure and sugar amongst other activities including prize giveaways. We plan to create a heart standing together in support of him.

Wear any shade of green to signify the strength of this amazing man. Registration cost is R80 per person and all funds received will go towards Seiresh’s medical bills. Let’s come together and show him support,” added Portrag.

For registrations contact Natasha’s Facebook Page: Have a Bash with Tash, alternatively people can register on the morning of the walk between 7:30 and 8:30am.
If you are not in Durban to participate in the walk, you can sponsor the walk cost to show your support. For more information contact 084 363 8633.