Deceased Sumeer Maharaj (far left) seen with his dad, Rishi, mum, Naseema and brother, Akheel at his dad’s birthday

Guilty! That was the verdict in the judgement against Blue Lagoon hit and run driver, Kearadilwe Refilwe Modise Moloto (29), who ploughed into a group of Phoenix friends claiming two lives on the onramp to the Ruth First M4 Northern Freeway on 18 May 2016. She will be sentenced on 16 April 2018.

Sumeer Maharaj (26) and Pravin Mahabir (25), were both killed whilst friend, Junaid Singh, survived. Moloto hit the young men and drove off on that tragic Wednesday evening. Maharaj died at the scene and Mahabir passed away in hospital.

Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, Sumeer’s heartbroken mother, Naseema Maharaj said, “I am happy that the woman responsible for taking my son’s life is found guilty. I now await the sentencing. I know I can’t get my baby back but this woman must pay for taking two lives.”

Moloto was found guilty on two counts of culpable homicide and failing to stop at an accident scene. She stood accused of filing a false accident report and attempted to have the car repaired.

The vehicle was taken to a local panel beater in Mount Edgecombe who recognised it from media reports which publicised the hunt for the runaway driver at the time. He immediately contacted the police.
Investigating officer for the case, Durban Central’s D/W/O Moodley, said, “I spent long, painstaking hours on this case as I knew the families of the deceased young men needed some kind of closure.

“Also, the truth needed to prevail and justice must be served to the accused. Through the assistance of various informants and by following up on several leads we have reached this point of attaining a guilty verdict.”

Asked if the accused showed any remorse regarding the deaths of the two young men, D/W/O Moodley said Moloto expressed more shock and disbelief then actual remorse.
Maharaj said, “I was shocked when the accused’s friend, an Indian lady, came up to us in court and tried to convince us that the woman who knocked our son was a good person.

“I didn’t want to hear all that. It’s too late now. Sumeer and his friend died. She did not help them but drove away. How is that good?”

“In losing Sumeer, we lost the provider in our home. He had plans to work and enrich our lives. We grieve every day for him. We still cannot believe that he is gone. I am praying for a harsh punishment for the accused. She must pay for robbing us of our loved ones. I only wish my dad was here to hear the guilty verdict.

“He attended court from the beginning and passed away before the conclusion. He yearned for justice for Sumeer and would have been happy at the guilty verdict,” added Maharaj.