The family of a Phoenix father of three is left shattered after he was beaten and stoned to death when he reportedly took on the role of a ‘good samaritan’ and attempted to intervene in an altercation in Stonebridge on Saturday night.

Donovan Naicker, 37, took on a fight that was not his and lost his life in the process. Two suspects have since been arrested by Phoenix SAPS and appeared in court today.

All respondents at the scene of the murder

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo, said, “At about 7:30pm on Saturday, members of SAPS Phoenix responded to a complaint of fighting at the Cardinal Sports Grounds. Upon their arrival at the scene, members found a man lying on his back and he was bleeding on the face. The man was deceased already and there was an Okapi knife lying next to the deceased. Whilst members were busy with the deceased, they were approached by another man who identified himself to police. He informed the members that earlier he and the deceased had an argument at the Sheik Centre and the deceased had stabbed him on the back. He added that he followed the deceased to the sports grounds and upon his arrival, he found the deceased lying on his back with the Okapi knife next to him and that he did not know who killed the deceased. Following investigations, two men were arrested. Floyd Reddy (28) and 24-year old Karl Pretorius were both detained for the murder. They were charged and appeared in the Verulam Magistrates Court, today.”

Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, Naicker family spokesman, brother-in-law, Jerome Naidoo, said the family is devastated by Donovan’s senseless killing.

“Donovan took up another’s man fight. He tried to step in and save an older man from the hands of the accused. But they turned around and ganged up on Donovan. Donovan and his friends took off from there. The accused chased them. Donovan fled onto the grounds. He slipped and fell. According to witnesses, the two accused beat Donovan repeatedly. They then picked up bricks and stones and continued the assault. They would not stop even when Donovan’s friends tried to stop them. They beat him to death,” Naidoo said.

Naidoo said Donovan’s three children, two daughters and a son were broken by his tragic passing.

“They cannot get over the brutality of his killing. We as a family cannot come to terms with this murder of an innocent man. Donovan was a humble, respectful, man. He loved helping people. He carried packets for the elderly and would refer to them as mother and father. Streams of elderly mourners visited his home to pay their respects to his family on his passing,” said Naidoo.

“Donovan would have celebrated his 38th birthday in two weeks. He was planning a family get-together. Now here we are mourning his untimely death. I urge community members to stop and think before engaging their fists and lashing out in violence. There are consequences for your actions. Think of what can occur and where that can lead you,” Naidoo said.

Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh, said, “This is yet another cold blooded killing that has rocked Phoenix. Such gross violence. Where is the respect for the law and each other as human beings? Community members need to show a modicum of respect and tolerance for each other. We do not live in a lawless society. Violence is never the answer. Whatever the circumstances, a man has been killed! This kind of brutality needs to cease. We sympathise with the family of the deceased during their period of mourning.”