By Krishnee Naidoo

A Reservoir Hills mum watched in horror as four armed suspects accosted her daughter (24) as she arrived home from work and drove off in her VW Polo TSI on Monday evening. The vehicle, which was fitted with a tracking device was later recovered in Kwadabeka.

Speaking to the Weekly Gazette, the Munro Drive mum who wished to remain anonymous said it was a nightmare watching the horrific incident unfolding before her eyes and being helpless to rush to her daughter’s aid.

“As always we watch when family members drive into the premises. I stood upon the stairs and viewed my daughter alighting from her vehicle when suddenly I noticed four men creeping up along the side of the wall. I was hysterical and screamed out to my daughter but it was too late.

As she turned around, she came face to face with one suspect whilst the other three surrounded the vehicle. They had firearms and uttered the words ‘give give give’ repeatedly,” said the distraught resident.

The mother and her daughters have suffered the trauma of being hijacked before in the area in 2011 and are familiar with the hijacking scenario. “My daughter immediately fell to the ground on her knees in a submissive stance and told the hijackers to take everything. She refrained from making eye contact and one of the suspects ripped her chain from around her neck before the gang fled in her vehicle,” the emotional mum added.
She said the family dashed into the residence and locked themselves in out of fear and terror before seeking assistance and reporting the matter.

There was swift response from various emergency personnel and security companies to the scene of the armed hijacking. 1 Stop Security general manager, Maveshin Odayar and team responded to the scene and said, “The victim and the rest of the family were visibly shaken but were very helpful in assisting with as much information as they could provide regarding the incident. It is very fortunate that the young complainant was not harmed and neither was the mum.

The victim handled the situation very well and this possibly spared her life.” Reservoir Hills CPF chairman, Pravin Gounder told the Weekly Gazette that the area has become a hot spot recently. “It is very distressing to hear that yet another resident has fallen victim to crime in the area. We are pleased to hear that the young lady was not harmed and the vehicle has been recovered. The police response in the area is generally very good and we have engaged with Metro to increase their visibility as well. Residents are becoming more pro-active and we have numerous street Whatsapp groups to keep tabs on happenings in the area. Respondents are quick to dispatch assistance.

Many streets have guard patrols including Munro Place where the incident occurred. In these dangerous times that we live in, it is a sad reality that we have to beef up security on our property and on our streets. I also urge residents to take an active interest in the CPF and attend the meetings which are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm at Resmount Primary School,” added Gounder.

He said that free trauma counselling is available to all victims of crime in the area.
The hijacked victim’s mum said she is thankful that her daughter is safe even though she is traumatised. “My daughter’s life and well-being is of paramount importance.
The vehicle, if it was unrecovered, could be replaced. We are living under siege. I urge residents to rally together and let us take back our community from criminals. Our children will soon have nothing to inherit if we continue to live in fear,” said the Munro Drive mum.