Members of the community who would like to obtain basic knowledge of computer literacy can do so with the Woodhurst Library’s free lessons.

The lessons will take place weekly on every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 12pm and 4pm at the library’s premises, situated at Galaxy Place in Woodhurst.

The lessons will include basic components of the computer – Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Internet and email set-up. Learners will also be shown how to register and apply for jobs on the e-careers Municipal database.

Facilitator of the programme, Noma Ngcobo, said, “In this day and age, the definition of illiteracy has evolved from just ‘not being able to read and write’. The world has become so technologically advanced that ‘not being able to use the computer’ is now considered as being illiterate. To bridge that digital divide of illiteracy, Woodhurst Library is offering free one-on-one computer lessons to everyone who would like to learn how to do basic computer functions like typing your own CV, browsing the web, sending and receiving emails and so much more.”

For more information and bookings, call the library on 031 403 0700 or email or contact Noma Ngcobo on 031 322 1692 or email