Cheryllin Louw and Savannah Mateus enjoy working-out while baby Miguel was content to sit in his pram

The Bulwer Park outdoor gym has become a fitness oasis for the community who love to gym in the breezy park setting.

Maintenance of the equipment has been lacking for some who frequent the popular park gym that lets students work-out without heavy gym fees and mums exercise with their little ones nearby. On Thursday, 12 April, The Glenwood Weekly Gazette stopped by at the outdoor gym to catch up with the community.

According to eThekwini head of communications, Tozi Mthethwa, the gym was set-up in 2014 to promote healthy living and a vigorous lifestyle among residents, it was the brainchild of the city’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Unit,
as the custodians of sports, recreation and leisure in the city. “The aim was to develop a project that would provide affordable physical training/gym experiences to both the old and the young,” said Mthethwa.

For seasoned fitness fundi, Lucky Bosco, who has been using the gym for 2 years, there is room for improvement. “Somethings are missing, I’d like more equipment,” he said.

Also working on her fitness was Cheryllin Louw who has been working up a sweat at the gym for about four months. “People pay for this stuff and we can come here for free and it’s so safe. The water fountain is always leaking and the equipment is getting a bit rusty,” said Louw.

Mthethwa said that the gym had been designed to last for a long time. “The City’s Urban Design Department thoroughly explored the most suitable equipment and designs to use to ensure longevity of the moving parts as well as to ensure that the people making use of the equipment are safe,” said Mthethwa.

Safety at the outdoor gyms has been prioritised by the city, said Mthethwa. “The city has Law Enforcement Officers who undertake periodic rounds to check the parks and to monitor the equipment. The Park Supervisors are also tasked with the maintenance of the various parks where the gyms are situated. They also monitor the equipment, and report any repair work that is needed to the relevant Unit,” she added.

Residents who are interested in using the gyms in their area are encouraged to find out more. “Residents who do not have outdoor gyms in their areas, can approach their respective Ward Councillor for assistance,î added Mthethwa.