World-famous belly dancer Shahrzad, and table performer Marshall Bodiker, who hail from Washington DC, will perform in Durban on 25 May. This dynamic couple are currently living, teaching and performing in Cairo, Egypt, and are looking forward to their South African debut.

Shahrzad has been enchanting the stage with her dancing since she discovered her passion for performance at the age of 11. Since then, she has immersed herself in a variety of dance disciplines, including modern Egyptian and folk styles from Egypt, Morocco, and the Middle East. Her professional background leading international workshops and teaching classes began when she was 15, headlining shows with live bands at top venues in Washington, Philadelphia, and New York City.

Bodiker got his professional start in Washington by teaching and performing in conjunction with Sahara Dance Studio where he and Shahrzad met. He began playing music at an early age and soon found a passion in percussion. This would lead him through a deep pursuit of Middle Eastern, North African, and Turkish musical traditions as well as folklore. Since then, he has dedicated more than a decade to his craft with various Egyptian and international drummers, and enjoys sharing these musical traditions with his audience.

He composes, performs, and records drum solos and teaches rhythms and techniques by way of a variety of methods of counting and musicianship. He has just released his first CD. The Maya Company, together with the SADTA belly dance division are hosting Shahrzad and Bodiker in Durban for a weekend of workshops, and shows, including a ‘Hafla’ or social event with performances on 25 May at the Victory Christian Academy in La Lucia.

Proceeds will be donated to Holah baby home. The highlight of the weekend is the Egyptian Kaleidoscope at the iZulu theatre, Sibaya on 26 May featuring the duo and top South African Belly Dancers.