Egerton Primary School’s Hannah Vieweger, left, principal Barry Callaway, Kian Fourie, Taegan De Beer and Justin Van Vuuren, with some of the care boxes for learners in Bangladesh
What’s inside

Egerton Primary School learners are filling shoe boxes with care, love and messages of support and will be shipping it off to Bangladesh, India. “This is community service at its best, by the children for the children of Bangladesh,” said principal Barry Callaway, showing his full support to his learners.

The shoe boxes can be filled with a toy, any hygiene products or a packet of sweeties, with a message of hope, love and support. “It is important that the children know, that you don’t need money to make the shoebox, it can be a toy from home, or clothing that has been lightly worn and you do not need any more,” said Callaway.

Egerton’s head girl, Hannah Vieweger told the Ladysmith Herald that this was for the children by the children. “It is important that we are a community stand together and give towards this cause.”

The four Egerton leaders called upon everyone, businesses, individuals and other schools to collect care boxes. “We challenge all of you, to take part in the project.” For more info or to help, contact Egerton Primary School.

“The shoe boxes can be dropped off here at the school and arrangements will be made to have it delivered to the children in Bangladesh,” said Callaway. Egerton parents, Shereena Takoordeen and Maneesha Domum called for all to get involved and utilised their social media accounts to drum up support for the care boxes, the Rohingya Charity Drive.