Motorists travelling to the beachfront on Sunday, 20 May are being advised to take note of the various road closures for the East Coast Radio Big Walk. The 20km walk kicks off at Ushaka Marine World at 7am however roads along the route will be closed by 5am. All roads will be closed until about 1.30pm. 

Walkers will trek on the Durban promenade – with the 5km route passing beneath Masabalala Yengwa after the Suncoast Casino before heading to the finish line. The 10km walkers will carry on to Blue Lagoon before making their way up to the Masabalala Yengwa and to People’s Park. 15km and 20km participants will continue into Durban North before finishing at People’s Park. 

1) Masabalala Yengwa (NMR) Avenue (southbound) from Smiso Nkwanyana (Goble) Road to Sandile Thusi (Argyle) Road.

2) Masabalala Yengwa (NMR) Avenue (northbound) from Sandile Thusi (Argyle) to Isaiah Ntshangase (Walter Gilbert) Road –
All vehicles north on Masabalala Yengwa Avenue will be diverted onto Sandile Thusi (Argyle) Road

From 6am until 1:30pm.

3. Snell Parade (north and southbound) from north side of the traffic circle outside Bike and Bean to Athlone Drive.

4) North side of Bike and Bean parking. No traffic must be allowed north on Snell Parade from Bike and Bean.

5) Athlone Drive (westbound) from Snell Parade to Masabalala Yengwa (NMR) Ave

6) M4 (Southbound) off ramp at Athlone Drive

7) M4 (Northbound) off ramp at Athlone Drive

8) M4 (Southbound) onramp to Riverside Road

9) M4 (Northbound) onramp to Riverside Road, Roadway opens to traffic at 11:30am

10) Masabalala Yengwa (NMR) Avenue (Southbound) two lanes from Athlone Drive to Smiso Nkwanyana (Goble) Road – All vehicles will be diverted west upon Smiso Nkwanyana (Goble) Road

11) Battery Beach Road / Snell Parade [at the traffic circle] – Controlled Access to the parking at the Mustering Fields [Peoples Park East] Recommended route to the parking at Mustering Fields, Peoples Park east is through Sandile Thusi (Argyle) Road left into the old Natal Command Base, over the bridge across the M4 into the Mustering Fields or through Sandile Thusi (Argyle) Road left into Sylvester Ntuli Road, left into Snell Parade, left into Battery Beach Road, left into Mustering Fields Parking at the Peoples Park East.