Shodan Angelique Grundlingh (21) has been training hard for the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) South African championships to be held in Stellenbosch on 7 and 8 October.

The Stellenbosch selection is an open tournament where participants will partake in several MA fields and Grundlingh who specialises in kick boxing and karate hopes to snatch a spot on the South African team that will go to Orlando, USA in 2018.

Grundlingh said that she was drawn to Martial Arts when she was bullied in school. “I started Teakwondo in 2007 due to being bullied at school, so basically, I started to learn to defend myself,” said Grundlingh. For the young radiology student, karate and kickboxing is a great way to unwind. “I love the sport as it is a way to de-stress, stay fit and be able to learn different fighting styles and techniques,” said Grundlingh.

Competitors from all over South Africa and abroad will be participating at these championships. Competitors will be participating in point and continuous fighting. MMA light and MMA full contact fighting. Preparation training is done every day including stamina, technical, Gashku (training on the beach) and mental preparation.