The contaminated meat that was dumped on the farm

The former mayor of Verulam, Manna Naidoo, has raised concerns over several dumped contaminated animal carcasses in a sugarcane field near his property. The carcasses, with animal heads, were seen being dumped there last Tuesday, and it is claimed that the meat could have been laced with a poisonous substance.

According to Naidoo, one of his employees saw people in a van dumping the carcasses next to his property that is located next to the sugarcane field. One of his puppies allegedly died as a result of eating some of the meat of the dumped animals, claimed Naidoo.

“One of my puppies, who usually follows our domestic worker after she knocks of work died. I suspect he ate the meat because it is on the way that my worker uses to get home,” said Naidoo.

He contacted Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa) after his employee informed him of the incident.

Rusa’s Prem Balram said: “Naidoo informed Reaction officers that the meat could also have been poisoned to kill his dogs so that he could be easily targeted by armed robbers.”

Naidoo confirmed that he could be a target of criminals. Last November Naidoo was approached by two armed men on his property who tried to rob him, but his alert dogs protected him.

He said that even the officials from the department of health left and did not inspect the meat because the stench.

A criminal case has been opened at the Verulam police station.