Local resident, Amaniama Soobiah, who is more affectionately known as Dolly, recently celebrated her double sapphire birthday with her family and friends.

Reaching the glamorous age of 90 saw a double celebration for Soobiah, one of which was with her family, and the other with her close friends of the Crossmoor Senior Citizens Club.

Soobiah was born and raised in Umzinto, and relocated to Chatsworth later in life. Soobiah married Soobiah Govender in 1948, and welcomed a family of 7 children, which further extended with her 18 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.

Soobiah spent her birthday with the members of the Crossmoor Senior Citizens club, which she has been a part of for 27 years. In the past she has received 4 certificates from the centre, in which they awarded her for her longstanding loyal support and on-going contribution to the service centre.

The highlight of Soobiah’s birthday celebrations came with the grand party at the the Havenside Temple Hall, where over 300 guests were treated to a buffet. The theme of the party was Indian, and guests were entertained by the Eastern Band and the Krish Swamivel dance group.

Upon reaching her milestone birthday of 90 years, Soobiah reminisced over her childhood and marriage. Some of her childhood memories included attending Tamil school, carrying the rice from the paddy fields, and receiving small payments for their work from her father to buy their school clothes.
In her 9 decades, Soobiah has travelled all over South Africa, and overseas to America, London, India, and Mauritius. One of her fond memories from travelling was when she visited St Paul’s Cathedral in London, as it was where Princess Diana married.

When asked how she stays so fit, healthy and happy, and if she has any advice for the younger generation, she said, “Put God first by praying daily. I do light exercises every week, and eating small portions of freshly prepared meals by my daughter who I live with.”

Soobiah states that she is thankful to God and that she is so blessed to have a good family who takes very good care of her.
She is always happy and enjoys life doing things she likes. She says the secret to a long, healthy and happy life is to speak good words, be respectable, loving, humble and kind to everyone.