Authorities on scene

By Nafisa Moolla-Palm

A domestic worker’s prowess saved a Newcastle family from possible loss and injury following a house robbery that occurred on Thursday’ 28 September at around mid-morning. The robbery which occurred on Lincoln Street, Paradise has left residents of the overall crime-free suburb, shaken.

The worker was alone at home with the senior grandmother when the bell rang. She explained that an unknown African man was at the gate and said he had been sent by the owner of the home to view a recently erected set of flats for rent, at the back of the yard. According to the domestic, the man had taken the name of the home owner, which gave her no reason to doubt him.

“He was dressed well and spoke very nicely. I opened the gate and let him in and fetched the key to open the flat,” she stated.

However once in the flat, the man shoved the worker in and locked her inside. He then proceeded to the main house and was joined by two accomplices. According to the grandmother who was alone praying at the time, she saw the men enter but did not realize what was going on. The suspects walked through the house allegedly in search of valuables.

Meanwhile the quick thinking domestic worker escaped from the flat through a window and sought help from a couple occupying one of the flats.

“I shouted for help because granny was alone in the house and I was afraid for her,” she revealed.

Her shouts alerted the suspects of her escape and they quickly fled the scene in a black BMW.

Authorities and emergency personel were on scene as well as concerned neighbors and family members.

Speaking to the Newcastle Express, Mark Jacobs of Two-Eagle Security said it was concerning that the suspects new the name of the home owner as well as the fact that they had a flat up for rent.

“No matter how legitimate a person sounds or looks one should always take precaution. Its important to educate all staff working at home so that they know what safety measures to take before admitting anyone onto the property,” he said

A case of house robbery has been opened at the Newcastle police station.