Dedication, love and devotion are some of the special qualities that have kept a local couple’s marriage going strong for five decades.

Christie and Sarah Krishnan on their wedding day in the 1960’s

Mr Christie Krishnan (73) and his beautiful wife, Mrs Sarah Krishnan (72) recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, marking 50 years of marital bliss.

In an interview with The Phoenix Tabloid, the couple spoke candidly about their happy marriage adding that their love keeps going stronger. Mr Krishnan stated, “I met
my wife in the early 1960’s at a relative’s home in Ottawa. I was instantly attracted to
her beauty and beautiful personality, however nothing came out from our first encounter. Constant conversations and meeting at occasions worked in my favour as she became more comfortable with me and began to feel the same way I felt for her.”

The Krishnans, celebrating their love 50 years later

Mrs Krishnan added her husband was very handsome and she was mostly attracted to his charm but never imagined that they would end up sharing the rest of their lives together. As their love blossomed, Mr Krishnan proposed and officially wed his wife on 28 October 1967.

The Krishnans wed at the Bethesda Church in Durban with close family members in attendance to witness their long life commitment.

Speaking about the qualities they like most about each other, Mrs Krishnan said, “My husband is a very loving and wonderful man. He’s always been helpful and supportive and we are blessed to have each other in our lives. My wife is beautiful inside and out, she’s a very loving and caring person who always puts family first. She’s been a very faithful wife and I appreciate everything she does to keep us going,” added Mr Krishnan.

The Krishnans are blessed with two sons and four grandchildren whom they love dearly. In her leisure time, Mrs Krishnan enjoys knitting, cooking up a storm and entertaining guests while Mr Krishnan spends his time watching TV and going for long walks.

Most importantly, the Krishnans enjoy spending quality time and travelling the world together. They have travelled to various holiday destinations in South Africa including nine countries abroad.

On giving advice for a long lasting marriage, the lovebirds said, “Make God the center of your lives, without God, we wouldn’t have reached this milestone in our marriage. Keep falling in love with the same person, spend all the time you can together and be inseparable.”