Morrocan -born Yassine Ghallam (32), has set out to travel the world- and so far, it hasn’t cost him a cent. With dreams to see the world, but no funds, Ghallam set out on foot from his home Casablanca on 22 January last year. The adventure seeker walked for one week before buying a bicycle to continue his journey. The Weekly Gazette met with Ghallam at the Laletsa Lodge where he was staying on Monday, 28 May.

Ghallam said he was inspired by Ibn Battuta who travelled the medieval world over 30 years. Among the joys of his journey has been experiencing the amazing hospitality of villages across Africa said Ghallam who has not paid a cent for accommodation throughout his trip.

Another marvel that he mentioned was his time in Namibia when he sat for an hour in a national park and counted 48 elephants crossing the roadway. Ghallam also told of his near death encounter when a man tried to rob him at gunpoint in Côte d’ivoire, Ghana.
“I ended up staying with him for three nights,” said Ghallam.

A year into his adventure, Ghallam has travelled 22 000 km and explored much of Africa. This week he sets off to Cape Town and thereafter plans to go to Madagascar, and then onto Europe and America to complete what he estimates will be a five year trip around the world.

“I started my trip by bicycle from Morocco to Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Côte d’ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Negiria, Cameroun, Gabon, Congo, Cabinda, Angola, Namibia . Zambia, Mouzambique, Swaziland. I am now in Durban, South Africa and soon I will be going to Cape town, Madaghascar, Tanzanie and then the highest mountain in Africa Mount Kilimandjaro,” said Ghallam.

Having completed 1000 km in South Africa so far, Ghallam said that he rides on average 160 km per day which he has reduced to about 60km a day while he is fasting for Ramadaan. The cyclist has been traveling consistently, except for a week when he was hospital bound in Nigeria after being hit by a car and another week in a Mozambican hospital with Malaria.The travel enthusiast is looking for a sponsor to help him climb Kilimanjaro.

For more information or to sponsor Ghallam, contact him on Whatsapp +21 267 616 0198.