Many senior citizens and people receiving social and child support grants were confused about recent rumours that they will not receive their grants because their SASSA card will expire soon.

Democratic Alliance Councillor Sharon Hoosen confirmed that this is just a rumour and encourages people to remain calm and go to the SASSA offices and seek clarity before believing what is being said unofficially. “It is sad when the community is misled to believe the untruth causing much chaos and frustration. The senior members who receive their pension have inundated my office concerned about whether they will even receive their grants due to the expiry of the cards. It was not a pleasure to calm our senior members down who were in panic. They rely heavily on the little they receive per month to survive and when people go around mis-leading them and mis-directing them to open new bank accounts to new receive cards, it is unacceptable and criminal.

“I want to give the residents the assurance that SASSA officials have confirmed that even if your SASSA card is expired, you will still be able to use it to receive your monthly grant. SASSA will update you when there is a need to change the cards. Until such time, use the cards you have. Please do not be coerced into taking new cards. Secondly, payments of grants will continue and as far as it is being stated by SASSA, it will continue to be on time irrespective of the issues that National Government is currently experiencing with the contractors,” explained Hoosen.

In an official statement from SASSA, it was re-iterated that SASSA does not provide loans, funeral insurances, pre-paid products or any financial services. “We provide social grants which are intended to provide a financial support for those who have zero or very little income, to ensure that they have the means to provide the basics for their survival. Anything which erodes the value of the social grant is not supported by SASSA in any way,” the statement said.

The public is advised to contact SASSA on 0800 60 10 11, if uncertain about anything.

For more information or clarity on this issue, kindly contact Councillor Sharon Hoosen on 062 3892407 or email