The growing number of young unemployed graduates in our country is not only very concerning but also raises questions to the notion that academic qualifications can only get you so far. Having connections or knowing people in higher places also has a great influence in determining one’s success when seeking a job, despite being well qualified. The Weekly Gazette took to the streets to find out people’s take on this matter and asked; Do you think connections overpower qualifications in today’s day and age?

Nelisiwe Dube:
“Yes, I currently have a higher certificate in Forensics from the University of Western Cape but I have been struggling to find work. Even when I hear about a job post and go apply, it almost feels like I’m just doing it for fun.”

Pearl Saunders:
“I agree to a certain extent, because in many cases it does seem like to get somewhere in life, it’s not about what you know but about who you know. At the same time young people must not allow this to get them down, positive thinking and a positive attitude will help you find you get to where you want to be eventually.”

James Abudr:
Being from Malawi, all I know is that times are tough but having connections can help a lot though. One thing I could suggest to the youth is to try going into be business and be their own boss.”
Sumeet Natalie:
“I agree that qualifications are powerful and this is unfair to the qualified people considering they have spent so much time and effort into studying and literally burning the midnight oil, however it doesn’t come back to you as a reward when it comes to applying for a job. Whereas there are those who have connections that can help them get into certain position very easily making it unfair to those who don’t have that added advantage.

Sisanda Nyawose:
“Overall I feel like having to compare the two is unfair. It is usually the minority who have these connections whereas the majority do not have them, and you’ll find that it’s the people who are already well off who have connections and those less fortunate do not have those connections. Therefore the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Getting a job should not be defined by the connections but by intellect and qualifications.”

Ngomusa Majola:
“Connections are only good if they are in your favour but if you’re on the end of the stick then it’s a bad thing because you lose out and suffer. Overall it negatively the poor people and this is a contributing factor to crime.”