Chatsworth Secondary School celebrated the exciting news of obtaining 77.7% in the 2017 NSC Examinations thereby getting rid of the label  “an under-performing school.”

Chatsworth Secondary Principal Mr A Luckan with some learners who achieved well Zaheema Khan, Shuaib Abdullaha, Shaheed Abdullah and Viloshni Naidoo.

This is after three consecutive years of disappointing results since 2014, with the lowest being 27% in 2016. The Principal, staff, learners and parents are ecstatic about this breakthrough saying that Chatsworth Secondary must regain it’s former glory as an institution of excellence. Principal Mr A Lukhan said that his staff and learners worked very hard throughout the year. “Extra classes held at every opportunity including weekends and holidays paid dividends.

This was a huge sacrifice from us all at school. The Department of Education must be commended for its role in supporting underperforming schools by way of workshops for principals and educators, curriculum programmes and support from various Department of Education officials at different levels which has collectively enhanced better results,” Lukhan said.

He added that the Department of Education provides substantial support and it is up to the school to use the structures effectively. Since his appointment in 2016, Lukhan knew he had an uphill battle ahead of him.

Speaking to The Chatsworth Tabloid, Lukhan said, “I was aware of the challenges and negative image the school inherited over a period of time. However I was confident that with a positive approach, I will be able to bring about change by using my management experience and skills effectively.

The SMT and educators, learners and parents must be thanked for their role in supporting the vision to uplift the school and the community. The school has much negative publicity but I am hopeful that this negative image will soon be eradicated. In applying my personal principles of my 3P’s; Perseverance, Performance, and Positivity, I envisage the school will grow from strength to strength,” said Lukhan.

Lukhan added that for 2018, the school hopes to achieve; greater community participation
and involvement, upliftment of academic standards in all grades and aim for excellence, revisit curriculum changes with focus on practical subjects, aim for excellence in sports and co-curricular activities, raise funds to help improve quality teaching, learningand development, implement wellness in the workplace and bring about a balance in mind and body at the school and in the community.