The bodies of three Dundee people who went missing on 23 March have been found. Police office Warrant-Officer Arnesh “Jakes” Juggan, 56, his wife Shumane “Molly”, 55, and their friend Ashok Rajoo, 53, were found after the 11 day search.

The three disappeared along with the police vehicle they were travelling in. Shumane’s decomposed body was found on Sunday 1 April, while still in the police vehicle that was spotted floating in the river. The bodies of Arnesh and Rajoo were found earlier today (3 April).

The deceased were believed to have gone missing in the Buffalo River, after the signal of WO Juggan’s cell phone was last tracked there. The river was overflowing with strong currents after recent heavy rains in the area. Police have opened an inquest into the incident. The bakkie is alleged to have been washed away as they were attempting to cross a low-level bridge between Dundee and Vryheid.

Early on Sunday morning Lt Col Ferreira, from LCRC Vryheid, was inspecting the Landmansdrift low level bridge over the Sand River when he noticed the roof of a white Nissan Navara police patrol van protruding above the surface of the river 100m downstream from the bridge.  The vehicle was seen roof out in Sandspruit about 50 metres from Landman’s Drift in the Malonjeni area.

The bodies were found in the Sandspruit to which the Buffalo River links. Police investigations continue.