A beloved father, Shaun Seethal who had travelled to Chatsworth to see his daughter off for her first day of Grade 1, tragically died in a horrific crash on the M1 Higginson Highway over the N2 Freeway just before 10am on Wednesday morning, 17 January.

Shaun Seethal who succumbed to his injuries after the accident

Thirty-three-year old Seethal from Shelly Beach succumbed to his injuries in hospital.
Eleven people were also injured when a taxi drove into Seethal’s car on the fateful morning.
Rescue Care’s Garrith Jamieson stated that paramedics arrived on the scene to find that a taxi and a car had collided before the taxi overturned coming to rest on its side.

The badly damaged car after the collision

“Three people were found entrapped in the taxi and Advanced Life Support Paramedics together with Fire Department worked to stabilise them in the vehicle before carefully extricating them. Multiple ambulances were used to transport the injuries. Most patients had sustained serious injuries as result of the crash.

Once all the injured had been stabilised on the scene they were transported to various Durban Hospitals for the further care that they required,” said Jamieson.

The badly damaged taxi after the collision

Seethal’s brother-in-law, Matthew Nathaniel George took to Facebook to share their grief on losing his beloved brother-in-law.
“My brother- in-law Shaun Seethal passed away on Saturday morning, 20 January. He lives in Shelly Beach, but travelled to Chatsworth on Wednesday to see off his daughter for her first day of Grade 1.

On his way back home, the taxi did not stop for a red light and plowed into his vehicle on Higginson Highway. His injuries were severe and he lost his fight in hospital.”
George stated that Seethal was a good man, caring man and the type of dad all kids deserve. “There was nothing he wouldn’t do to help someone no matter how far, or the cost. He cared a lot about everyone. He was the safest driver but was cut in his prime. My niece has to grow up without the person she loved the most. His siblings lost the only brother they had.

“I lost someone who was there for me when I was growing up when few others stayed around,” said George.
Police are investigating further.