A fire at a building on Alpine Road has been quickly extinguished thanks to the speedy response from fire department personnel. Firefighters worked swiftly to douse the flames which saw individuals scurry for cover.

Flames engulf the building

Division commander Nkulumo Dube said, “The fire was confined to one room in the top story of the building. When we got here, the fire was pushing through the roof. It took about 5 minutes to put it out.”
The bottom storey of the building is a shop and the top floor is accommodation for workers, said Dube.
Councillor Mahomed Hassan Haniff was on the scene and said, “I came as soon as I saw the smoke from Brickfield Road. According to the owner, it is alleged that one of the workers’ personal belonging caught alight.”

Firefighters worked swiftly to douse the flames

Store Manager Sooraya Yunis said, “I don’t know how it transpired, but it was the caretakers room that caught alight.” Yunis expressed that she was relieved that the fire was swiftly put out and that there was no damage to the store.
The building owner declined to comment.